Specialist VAT Services

Kant & Clients together with its associated companies Emirates Business Management International Consultants (EBM), and Visual ACE Business Solutions can deliver a full range of professional services related to VAT, as under

VAT Audit/Assurance/Accounting Services

• VAT/External/Statutory Audit of your company (we are legally registered Auditors with Govt. of UAE with professional indemnity insurance of AED 1 Million)

Jewellery Specialist VAT<br>Audit & Services
  • Extensive experience in jewellery accounting, inventory control and management reporting
  • Extensive experience in internal control system for jewellers
  • Specialist knowledge of loop-holes and weak areas open to exploitation for jewellers
  • Specialist knowledge of special jewellery features like fixed/unfixed metal transactions, metal fixing positions and risks, purity losses/gains, scrap transactions, pure gold
  • reconciliations, metal trial balances, consignment or approval transactions, diamond jewellery component control, diamond jewellery tagging and physical stock verification control, etc, etc

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