Business Consulting

Consulting Division of EBM covers a wide range of Business Consulting needs of any organization. Over years of experience, EBM has acquired strong knowledge of Business Processes in various industries at various levels, hence making it best-suited to provide high-level consultancy.

EBM stands apart as a single-most suited company to provide a wide range of professional services to any company in UAE, with the following USPs:

Business Excellence Consulting
USP of EBM is its strong knowledge of Business Process of an Organisation of any Size (Government/Private, Enterprise, Corporate, SMEs), any Type (Retail, Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing, Contracting, Real-Estate, Services, etc.), or any Product/Service.

EBM conducts various Business Excellence Programs, Workshops and Surveys to provide a wide range of Consultancy, mainly:

  • Corporate Governance Consulting
  • Leadership Development Consulting
  • Defining Organization’s Vision & Mission
  • Defining & Implementing Balance Score Card
  • Defining & Implementing Corporate Strategies/Objectives
  • Setting-up Best Practices & Benchmarking against it
  • Benchmarking against Industry Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employees Satisfaction Surveys
  • Supplier Satisfaction Surveys
  • Sustained Excellence Retainership Program
  • Customised Management Programs
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