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EBM, together with associate company Visual ACE Business Solutions (VABS), is a leading ERP Software Solution developer and service provider in the region, benefiting thousands of clients in past 25 years. The flagship ERP by EBM is Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA). USP for VA is:

Integrated | Customisable | Affordable
Manage Business of Any Type | Any Size | Any Product/Service...
Backed by experience of 25 years with thousands of clients worldwide...

Visual ACE-GOLD Jewellery Business Management Software
Visual ACE-GOLD is an ERP developed specifically to meet the peculiar needs of Jewellery industry. EBM is the pioneer and generally credited to launch first-ever Jewellery Software addressing the peculiarities of this market – 25 years ago – having served 3000 Jewellers in 30 countries.

Jewellery ERP by EBM comes in various versions to suit Any Type | Any Size | Any Product.

Jewellery ERP Software Versions:

  • VAG: Visual ACE-GOLD Jewellery Business Management Software
  • VAGE: Visual ACE-GOLD Enterprise Jewellery Business Management Software
  • VA: Visual ACEEnterprise Jewellery Business Management Software

For Any Size:

  • Large Jewellery Enterprises
  • Large Jewellery Manufacturing Operations
  • Retail Chain Stores / Multi-Office Wholesale
  • Integrated Operations: Manufacturing > Wholesale > Retail
  • Single-Showroom / Wholesale Office
  • Goldsmiths

For Any Type:

  • Retail Jewellery (Single or Retail Chain of Stores)
  • Wholesale Jewellery
  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Bullion Wholesale
  • Gold-Testing Laboratory

For Any Product:

  • Gold Jewellery
  • Silver/Platinum Jewellery
  • Bullion – All Precious Metals
  • Diamond/Pearl Jewellery
  • Watches & Accessories
  • Loose Diamonds & Color Stones
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