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EBM, together with associate company Visual ACE Business Solutions (VABS), is a leading ERP Software Solution developer and service provider in the region, benefiting thousands of clients in past 25 years. The flagship ERP by EBM is Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA). USP for VA is:

Integrated | Customisable | Affordable
Manage Business of Any Type | Any Size | Any Product/Service...
Backed by experience of 25 years with thousands of clients worldwide...

Visual ACE Property Management Software
Complete Real-Estate/Property Management ERP Solution Complete Real-Estate/Property Management ERP Solution
  • Integrated Real-Estate Management, with Finance & Accounts & Management Reports in single ERP with optional Materials Management, Contracting/Maintenance, Human Resource, Fixed Assets , etc
  • Best technical combination - latest Microsoft .Net technology, powerful SQL Server database, with SAP Crystal Reports
  • Multi-User, Multi-Company/Branch/Division, Multi- Buildings/Community
  • Locally developed for local needs with international standards
  • Training & Support by qualified Engineers/Accountants/Auditors
  • Advanced Management Reports & Graphical Analysis
  • Powerful definable available property search – by any property group (bedrooms, bathrooms, maid room, study, pool, facilities, built-up area, plot size, view or any other group) or price range, etc, on-screen enquiry from anywhere or export to Excel – full list or data sheet for each property
  • Definable Properties, Buildings/Communities/Developers, etc
  • Multiple Groupings – for Buildings, Properties & Tenants/Customers
  • Multiple Services – Lease, Service Fees, Parking, Utilities, etc
  • Definable Lease Periods – Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, etc
  • Complete record of each Property, Building, Tenant/Customer, etc
  • Multiple Pictures of each Property, Master Plan, Location Map, etc
  • Automatic Depreciation of Buildings at given rate
  • Auto Rental Renewals: Automatic Issue of Renewal Notices for expiring contracts & complete follow-up of full Notice Cycle (Notice Creation, Delivery, Rejection or Confirmation, Revisions)
  • Income, Expense & Profitability Analysis by Property or groups
  • Building/Community/Property/Group-wise Financial Statements
  • Occupation Analysis by Building/Property/Customer and groups
  • Income, Expenses & Profit Analysis by Property and groups
  • Property/Complete Rent Revenue Analysis (By Building & Building Type/Grade/Category/Location, Property & Property Type/Category, Tenant & Tenant Type/Category/Area, Sales Agents etc)
  • Allocation of Building Staff (e.g. Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Watchman, AC technician etc)
  • Entry, Control & Reporting of Maintenance calls from Tenants and allocation of work to maintenance staff, track pending Maintenance Calls
  • Control of Post-dated Cheques, deposit with banks for collection, discounting, automatic maturing entries etc.
  • Automatic accounting for un-earned income and monthly earned income
  • Complete Entry/Details/Control/Report of Utility Deposits from Tenants
  • More Reports/Analysis on Buildings, Property, Contracts, Tenants/Customers, Overdue Payments, Budget Comparisons, etc
  • Secured Access as per definable User Access Levels
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