ERP/IT Development

EBM, together with associate company Visual ACE Business Solutions (VABS), is a leading ERP Software Solution developer and service provider in the region, benefiting thousands of clients in past 25 years. The flagship ERP by EBM is Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA). USP for VA is:

Integrated | Customisable | Affordable
Manage Business of Any Type | Any Size | Any Product/Service...
Backed by experience of 25 years with thousands of clients worldwide...

Visual ACE<br>Software Verticals
Visual ACE has various other Vertical Solutions for many other Applications, most of which are self-explanatory by the title as under:
  • VA Restaurant Management Software
  • VA Business Intelligence & Analysis Software
  • VA Catalogue-based Management Software
  • VA Document Archive Software
  • VA RFID Automation
  • VA EBM-Benchmarking Software
  • VA Work-Flow Management Software
  • VA CRM Software
  • VA Time & Attendance Solution
  • VA Survey Software
  • VA Warehouse Management Software
  • VA Fleet Management Software
  • VA Vehicle-based Distribution
  • VA Android Applications
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