Business Excellence Awards & Standards

Emirates Business Management International Consultants have been actively engaged with various Business Excellence Awards, in full support and partnership with the Government and Business Community, to initiate, promote and sustain Business Excellence in the region.

EBM is mainly engaged with the following Business Excellence Awards & Standards:

EFQM Excellence Model
EFQM is one of the leading Excellence Model, being followed by top governments, enterprises, corporates and other organisations across the world to attain the highest international standards in performance.

Excellent Organisations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders.

Fundamental concepts of Excellence are as under:


To achieve sustained success, an organisation needs strong leadership and clear strategic direction. They need to develop and improve their people, partnerships and processes to deliver value-adding products and services to their customers. In the EFQM Excellence Model, these are called the Enablers. If the right Enablers are effectively implemented, an organisation will achieve the Results they, and their stakeholders, expect.

EFQM Model

EFQM Model

EBM is providing Consultancy to enable any Organisation to meet the Standards/Criteria for the EFQM Model as under:

  • Gap Analysis between an Organisation’s prevailing vs required Business Excellence Standards
  • Integrated Consulting Programs to bridge the Gaps and achieve required Business Excellence Standards, including the following:
    • Consulting
    • Training & Development
    • Management Workshops
    • Surveys & Analysis
    • Benchmarking
  • Assessments, Evaluation & EFQM Scores
  • Management Consulting to sustain the Business Excellence Standards

For more details about EFQM Model, please visit the website:

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