Business Excellence Awards & Standards

Emirates Business Management International Consultants have been actively engaged with various Business Excellence Awards, in full support and partnership with the Government and Business Community, to initiate, promote and sustain Business Excellence in the region.

EBM is mainly engaged with the following Business Excellence Awards & Standards:

Health Awards
HEALTH Awards acknowledges and appreciates exceptional contributions in the field of Health. Powered by Health magazine from Thumbay Group, this prestigious awards brings together the country’s best in healthcare, promoting excellence & best practices in healthcare.

EBM is closely associated with Health Awards since inception, in the following ways:

  • Working with Health Awards Management to setup/refine the Awards Criteria
  • Training Health Awards Applicants to Prepare
  • Training Health Awards Assessors for professional Assessment
  • Consultancy to Enable Health Awards Applicant Organisation to meet the Standards/Criteria for the Awards as under:
    • Gap Analysis between an Organisation’s prevailing vs required Healthcare Excellence Standards
    • Integrated Consulting Programs to bridge the Gaps and achieve required Healthcare Excellence Standards, including the following:
      • Consulting
      • Training & Development
      • Management Workshops
      • Surveys & Analysis
      • Benchmarking
    • Pre-Assessments for Awards to ensure preparedness
    • Management Consulting to sustain the Healthcare Excellence Standards

For more details about Health Awards visit official website:

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