Business Excellence Awards & Standards

Emirates Business Management International Consultants have been actively engaged with various Business Excellence Awards, in full support and partnership with the Government and Business Community, to initiate, promote and sustain Business Excellence in the region.

EBM is mainly engaged with the following Business Excellence Awards & Standards:

Business Excellence Standards
EBM is providing comprehensive consulting for various Business Excellence Standards, that can be customised based on the requirements of any particular organization. Be it various International Excellence Models like EFQM, TQM, etc.; or Regional Excellence Awards, like DQA, SKEA, DHDA, MRM; or Standards like ISO, EBM provides solutions at various levels for the same.

Consultancy to Enable an Organisation to meet the Business Excellence Standard/Criteria as under:

  • Gap Analysis between an Organisation’s prevailing vs required Excellence Standards
  • Integrated Consulting Programs to bridge the Gaps and achieve required Excellence Standards, including the following:
    • Consulting
    • Training & Development
    • Management Workshops
    • Surveys & Analysis
    • Benchmarking
  • Assessments to ensure preparedness
  • Management Consulting to sustain the Excellence Standards
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