Audit/Assurance & Accounting

EBM, primarily through associated company Kant & Clients Auditors and Chartered Accountants, provides various Auditing/Assurance & Accounting Services to the Clients for 25 years, mainly categorized as under:

• Auditing & Assurance
• Accounting Services
• Accounts & Process Manuals/Documentation
• Other Accounting Services

Accounts & Process Manuals/Documentation
Accounts & Process Manuals / Documentation are critical for any organization for the following benefits:
  • Reference – by listing & elaborating all the steps of any process that can be referred organisation-wide
  • Standardization – by documenting standard operating procedures (SOP) for any Process
  • Control – by carefully considered approach plugging loopholes and incorporating checking & controls for every process
  • Efficiency – by streamlining all the processes in a structured, cost & time efficient way

Accounts & Process Manuals / Documentation Services are provided by prevailing applicable Professional Standards (IAS -International Accounting Standards, IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards) and Local & International Professional Practices, combined with our experience of 25 years in the field.

A range of Accounts & Process Manuals / Documentation Services are provided, including the following:

  • Accounting Manual
  • Accounting Policy Manual
  • Inventory Control Manual
  • Cash Control Manual
  • Accounts Receivable Manual
  • Purchase/Procurement Process Manual
  • Sales Process Manual
  • Manual for any Process
  • Internal Control Manual
  • IT/ERP Security & Control Manual
  • System Manual
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