EBM Benchmarking

Emirates Business Management Benchmarking Program (EBM-BP) was launched in 2014 by Emirates Business Management International Consultants (EBM), in partnership with Business Excellence Department (BED) of Department of Economic Development (DED), Govt. of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In short period of 2 years, EBM-BP has become de-facto standard for Organisations, including Government, Semi-Govt, Public Companies, Enterprises/Corporates, SMEs, to Benchmark their own Key Performance Indicators with Industry Standards, in general and in particular to the industry they belong to. This enables them to improve their performance on as sustained basis.

Benchmarking Site Visits

Benchmarking Site Visits are unique events for the participating Members, as part of EBM-BP, where selected Organisations showcase their Best Practices, by leading the participants to their own premises in live environment, whereby these Best Practices are demonstrated in real-time action. This enables all the Benchmarking Visit participants to practically witness the Best Practices and gather knowledge about them, Benchmark their own Practices against it and Improve their Own Performance, leading to more successful organisations.

EBM regularly arranges Benchmarking Visits at prestigious Organisations, to drive this very healthy practice to promote Business Excellence.

Benchmarking Site Visits are currently available only to EBM-BP Partners/Members.

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Benchmarking Partnership
EBM-BP Partners can subscribe to any of the 150 KPMs and Benchmark their Multiple Year Data against the Industry Standard for any particular KPM.

Benefits of EBM-BP Partnership

  • Access to ready-made data or information on the industry average.
  • Access to the ‘best in class’ performance data.
  • Ability to assess your own performance against best in class and industry average.
  • Ability to set rational targets to strive for continual improvement.
  • Avail quarterly reports on Benchmarking information and keep track of latest progress in the corporate world.
  • Participate in and witness the Annual EBM-BP Forum.
  • Have the opportunity to win distinguished Awards at the EBM-BP Forum.
  • EBM-BPs can get to use the distinguished logo on their business reports, lending authenticity to their data.
  • Reports submitted by EBM-BPs automatically benefit from the data credibility.
  • Make a good impression on Business Excellence Assessors.
  • EBM-BPs can avail the opportunity to participate in the EBM-BP Benchmarking Clubs.
  • EBM-BPs can avail the opportunity of making Benchmarking Visits to other EBM-BPs under a controlled and managed environment.

    In a nutshell, EBM-BPs will be able to adapt to market dynamics with the intent to enhance:

  • Productivity.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Quality Improvement.
  • Attain overall Business Excellence through Benchmarking and Sharing of Best Practices.

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