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About EBM

Emirates Business Management International Consultants (EBM) is a professional services group of companies, backed by 25+ years’ experience with 1000+ clients in 30+ countries. EBM are one of the top Business Consultants in Dubai, UAE, top Auditors in Dubai, UAE, and top ERP Software providers in Dubai, UAE.

EBM works with its associates Visual ACE Business Solutions, and Kant & Clients Auditors and Chartered Accountants.

EBM, together with its associates, has been engaged with thousands of customers over 25+ years worldwide, including UAE/GCC/MENA, providing various services, under following broad categories:

All-Round Professional Services

EBM stands apart as a single-most suited company to provide a wide range of professional services to any company in UAE, with the following USPs:

  • Backed by Experience of 25 years
  • Thousands of Clients benefitted from its Services
  • Clients in UAE/GCC/MENA and rest of the world
  • One-Stop Integrated Professional Services for all the needs of any business

EBM is unique in providing back-to-back services covering 360 degree needs of professional services required by any organization – starting from Feasibility > Business Setup > ERP/System Setup & Maintenance > Auditing & Accounting Services > Business Excellence Consulting.

EBM provides complete consultancy – from Requirement Gap Analysis, to formulation of strategy to meet the requirements, execution/implementation of the strategy, pre-assessments, etc. for the following prestigious awards being annually awarded by the Governments of various Emirates of UAE in recognition of Business Excellence Standards of any applying Entity:

Consulting Division of EBM covers a wide range of Business Consulting needs of any organization. Over 25 years of experience, EBM has acquired strong knowledge of Business Processes in various industries at various levels, hence making it best-suited to provide high-level consultancy.

Main categories of Business Consultancy provided by EBM are as under:

EBM Benchmark Program (EBM-BM), was launched in 2014 by EBM, in partnership with Business Excellence Department (BED) of Govt of Dubai. Since then, EBM-BM has become de-facto standard for Benchmarking of very important Business Data/KPIs by various Private/Public Enterprises/Corporates/Companies/SMEs or Govt/Semi-Govt Entities against EBM-BM. EBM-BM provides Benchmarking Data (Maximum/Average/Minimum) for any KPI for any Business Segment/Industry as calculated by data shared by all the EBM Benchmark Partners (EBM-BP) since 2010. All EBM-BP can benchmark their own KPI against industry-standard to gauge

EBM, together with associate company Visual ACE Business Solutions (VABS), is a leading ERP Software Solution developer and services in the region, benefiting thousands of clients in past 25 years. The flagship ERP by EBM is Visual ACE Enterprise Business Management Software (VA). USP for VA is:

Integrated | Customisable | Affordable
Manage Business of Any Type | Any Size | Any Product/Service...
Backed by experience of 25 years with thousands of clients worldwide...

Some of the main software/services provided by EBM are as under:

EBM, primarily through associated company Kant & Clients Auditors and Chartered Accountants, provides various Auditing/Assurance & Accounting Services to the Clients for 25 years, mainly categorized as under:

Each of the above category of services are elaborated in the following paragraphs:

Auditing & Assurance

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